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Service delivery and shipping:

Adriano de Lima Freitas & Filhos, Lda is always committed to delivering the ordered items as soon as possible. The availability periods that may be disclosed should be considered as indicative only. Adriano de Lima Freitas & Filhos, Lda will always endeavor to comply with these deadlines, however, not assuming any responsibility for the inconveniences or losses inherent in the non-compliance with them, unless the delay was caused by Adriano de Lima Freitas & Filhos, Lda due to mistake or serious negligence.

Product not delivered

It is the customer's obligation to ensure a good reception of the order. It is necessary to provide the correct shipping address, as well as to hide all the necessary data to access the indicated address. If an order returns Adriano de Lima Freitas & Filhos, Lda, in response to a customer error for example: a wrong delivery address, unknown recipient, refusal to receive, the customer cannot use any compensation or reprint. In addition, a new shipment means a new payment of postage. After the first failed delivery attempt, it is possible to leave a notice in the mailbox and can be ordered within 5 days at the nearest CTT post, if it is not picked up, will be return to, Adriano de Lima Freitas & Filhos, Lda and the customer can contact and request a new shipment.

Shipping costs:

When the order is delivered directly to an Adriano de Lima Freitas & Filhos, Lda store, or the purchase price (excluding postage) is equal to or superior than 50€, there is no need for shipping charges (postage). Otherwise, the amount charged varies according to the weight and volume of the product for Portugal (not islands).

Açores e Madeira:

Less than 2kg – 4,90€

3-5 working days

Europe: 6€

To França, Mónaco, Alemanha, Bélgica, Holanda, Polónia, Austria, Rep. Checa, Luxemburgo, Reino Unido, Eslovénia, Eslováquia, Dinamarca

Switzerland: 17.64€ + destiny taxes. Delivery terms in 5-7 working days


Shipments to private individuals are usually made by express CTT, if delivery is not achieved due to the recipient's absence, a notice is left in the mailbox and the object can be picked up at the nearest CTT post and indicated in the notice itself. if it is not picked up within 5 days the order will return to Adriano de Lima Freitas & Filhos, Lda. If the costumer request a new shipment, he is responsible for the shipment costs (3,90€ for Portugal – don’t include islands).


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